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Created 26-Jun-13
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Gallery for Printing and Products

Note: The "Slideshow" (button on top-right) is a nice way to view this gallery.

The pictures in this gallery are for printing and purchasing products. Do not download these for the purposes of viewing them on your computer or Facebook. They are very high resolution - but VERY large files - 5 Megabytes (give or take). See my Facebook albums for (possible) FB pictures.

  • Coming Soon: A "For Computer Display" gallery. For download and viewing on your computer.

Prices and Payments: I've set the price list for these pictures to "base lab prices” (what I would pay). I don’t process your purchase; Zenfolio uses PayPal and pays the 3rd party vendors directly.

Downloading: You may download the files - particularly to create photo books as this website doesn't offer them. However, if you are going to print pictures, I highly recommend ordering them through this site - the printing quality is the best I've found.

Ordering Pictures and Products: You can buy prints and products from this site. For normal prints, MPIX has the best print quality I've been able to find. I can't speak for the other products sold on this site (cups, calendars, shirts, etc.). I do appreciate feedback on products and your experience.

"I want 8x10, not 4x6!": If you have a picture you love and want it in a different dimension (aspect ratio) for printing, send me a "Comment" or "Guestbook Entry".

Please Critique: I am always looking for ways to improve my photography. I don't consider comments like "this picture looks too blue" insulting. On the contrary; they are appreciated.